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We know exactly what you’re thinking! We bet you’re wondering what we’re all about right? Who and what is Perth Removalists (WA)? Firstly we are known as Perth Removalists (WA), not to be confused with another business trading as Perth Removalists. Now that’s out of the way, let us cut to the chase, no bull#$% and no fluff! We’re here to help you move and relocate your household or office items safely and efficiently! We take pride in providing you an affordable and friendly service. Don’t believe us? Contact us by filling in the form on this page and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours! Guaranteed!


Q: I’ve used other removalists in the past, is your company like the rest of them?

A: Absolutely not! We’re one of a kind who provide unrivaled service that is effective, efficient, friendly and affordable.

If you’re on this ‘about’ page then you’re likely wanting to know more about us and what we stand for? We hear you! We’ll gladly open our doors and let you in. Welcome to the family. No holds barred as we reveal everything about us. 

Got your ears peeled back mate? No distractions? If so eliminate them all.. Here’s what we’re all about…

Our Vision: The leading number one removalist company in Perth providing affordable, friendly and efficient service.

We are a family run business serving the local community. Serving both the northern and southern suburbs of Perth. But we also can cater for regional areas. such as Albany and Mandurah. Just contact us and dare us!

To achieve our goals, we strongly believe in our core values (that we stick to so strongly) to provide us with a focus in ultimately delivering the service that Perth people wants! Without you our customers we simply wouldn’t exist.

Want to know our values defining pretty much who we are? 

You’ve asked for it so here it is:


Our Core Values:

  1. Freakin’ Awesome Satisfying Customer Service

    Your journey when dealing with us is complete. From the moment you pick up the phone and talk to our friendly support staff, to dealing with our removalist specialist and right down to saying goodbye to us after the job is done. We aim to provide an impeccable tip top service that is unmatched in this industry. 

  2. Honesty

    Our company strongly believe in being honest to you – our valued customers! We will look after your belongings as if they are ours. No exception! Period! Being honest and accountable for our actions will provide you with the peace of mind that you definitely need when moving and relocating house or office. The often stressful time will be made more bearable by our honest and friendly approach to relocating your belongings. We believe in honesty so much that we think all removalists in Perth should abide by. If they don’t, then they ain’t removalists! Simple!

  3. Innovation

    We encourage our staff to be creative and provide feedback on how we can do the work better next time around. We continuously look at ways to improve our services. Call us perfectionists but it is a label that we’re happy to wear. All in the name of delivering freakin’ awesome unmatched service that the people of Perth have ever seen.