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Packing ain’t packing mate! Geez you might be wondering what are we on about right? What we’re saying is that there’s a lot more to the art of packing stuff than meets the eye! So why not let us do the packing for you! Perth Removalists (WA) offers expert packing services. Our staff are fully trained in the art of packing to ensure that your valuable belongings are safe and minimise the risk of your items getting damaged! In the end, it’s all worth it!

What is so special about our packing service?

Yeh yeh we know what you’re asking: “what makes our packing service different to other removalists in Perth out there?”

Well, we’re glad you asked, because we are more than happy to explain the nitty gritty details to why we are better than the rest! Well, at least we think so! But don’t worry, as always, we’re not going to bore you with some lame made up stuff. We’re being original and keepin’ it real…

Here’s five bloody good reasons why we are the best when it comes to packing..

1.  Fully trained “packing artists”

Don’t laugh at the names we give to our packers! In our eyes, they are “artists” in their own right. Because doing it the proper way is an art. Our packers are fully trained to ensure that your valuable and precious belongings are packed safely using the appropriate packing materials. With that being said, to become a packing artist in our company is no easy feat! There’s training, traning and more training… and did we mention training? So you can bet your bottom dollar that our qualified packing artists have come a long way to get to where they are.

2.  Punctual

We take pride in giving you the best possible service and one of our key performance indicator is punctuality. Our staff will be there on time to start the job. No more waiting around and wondering if people are going to turn up for the agreed job. Hire us and we’ll be there, pronto and square! Don’t believe us? Then dare us. Give us a time and place and we’ll be there on the dot. Guaranteed! 

3.  Using the right packing materials

This is where most other removalists out there get it wrong. They either use the wrong type of packing materials for the intended purpose or worse still don’t give a damn about the whole process. But not here at Perth Removalists (WA), we use only good quality materials to do the job properly the first time around. Potentially saving you from future grief after finding out one of your valuable belongings is damaged. To put it quite simply…

Trained staff + quality packing materials = a bloody awesome job for sure!

4.  Efficiency

Like we’ve mentioned above, our staff are trained in the art of packing. So just like the Karate kid is trained in the art of Martial Arts, our packing artist will carry out the job with deadly accuracy! Being so efficient in what they do means that the job will be completed before you can say “What the??” Get our drift master?

5.  Friendly and approachable

We understand that no one knows your belongings like you! And for very good reason too! So we are open to suggestions from yourself to how we should treat certain items of interest!

So there you go, five good reasons for you to pick us. So don’t just sit there! Pick up the phone now and contact us or drop us a line dude!